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27 Accidental poisoning Walker, Bryant (P3503)
28 Acute Enterocolitis Andersson, Anna Maria (P3623)
29 Automobile Accident Bowles, Malcom R (P3370)
30 Battle of Fort Griswold Burrows, Hubbard (P4316)
31 Breast Cancer Price, Effie Emma (P4370)
32 Bright's Disease Walton, James (P349)
33 Bright's Disease Chase, Bertha L (P458)
34 Cerebral Hemorrhage Page, Ozias Morse (P332)
35 Chronic Gastroenteritis Andersson, Klara Olivia (P3624)
36 citing Hamilton, Ohio, United States, reference 268; county courthouses, Ohio; FHL microfilm 365,178 Source (S-582008005)
37 Coronary thrombosis Allen, George Francis (P290)
38 crashed on take off for weather recon to Azores 6/6/44 with 5 killed Clarry Stephenson, Co-pilot: Joe Ward, Navigator: Gene Swiatnicki, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Earl Westerholm, Ball turret gunner: Leon Licurse and 3 others injured. Westerholm, Earl H (P3308)
39 Died after being in Prison during American Revolution Remick, Daniel (P2375)
40 Died as a prisoner of war during the American Revolution Remick, James (P2376)
41 Dropsy Howard, Harrison (P4033)
42 Drowned MORRILL, Ebenezer (P3003)
43 From baptismal record Houle, Élisabeth (P877)
44 From reverse of headstone application. Page, Harris Lester Jr (P3385)
45 Heart Disease Johnson, Armine Hinkley Annie (P3749)
46 Influenza Pettersdotter, Annicka (P102)
47 Internal Cancer Towle, Harriet Storrs (P4212)
48 Killed by accidental gunshot hunting, after returning from Civil War Wean, Gershom (P1863)
49 Killed by Indians Towle, Caleb (P2674)
50 Massachusetts Vital Records, 1840–1911. New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Vital Records, 1911–1915. New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts. 
Source (S751681991)
51 Probably heart disease Sanborn, Linnie Blanche (P885)
52 Pulmonary Phthisis Johanson, Hannah Christina (P15)
53 Pvt Co D 112 MG BN 29 Div World War I Allen, George Francis (P290)
54 St. Luke's Church Cemetery Kressler, Johann George (P1821)
55 Struck by auto Danforth, Edward George (P850)
56 Tuberculosis Moody, Frank L. (P758)
57 Twin Andersson, Johan Ruben (P3625)
58 Twin Andersson, Johan Ruben (P3625)
59 Twin Redford, Lucy (P4048)
60 Twin Redford, Bertha (P4049)
61 Typh Mal. Fev Smith, Edward Spofford (P3930)
62 Typhoid Danforth, George W. (P860)
63 Typhoid Fever Page, Austin Morrill (P768)